It’s important to understand how much gender will affect your characters in this game (just like real life!). I’m adding in a few of my own rules to accommodate this, and you’ll find that your class, race, and ability to do certain actions might be hindered if you’re playing a male character.

In Agnusse-Diah, males have been considered to be second-class citizens ever since the End of The World and the Women’s Revolt 800 years ago. They have more rights than they used to (they’re not just sex slaves!) but still encounter plenty of challenges. For the most part, this discrimination is pretty much widely accepted by both men and women—men are taught from an early age that they are inherently evil, and their low position in society is to keep them away from power, which is what brings out their evil nature. Women are seen as the only ones who can hold a significant amount of power without being corrupted by it.

Restrictions on Male Characters
-In Agnusse-Diah, it’s illegal for men to practice magic of any kind. This is the big one. Men are unable to become mages since becoming a mage requires formal study. However, occasionally a male who finds he has a gift for magic will study in secret and become a sorcerer. A male bard who is prominent in the public eye won’t be allowed to use magic, but male druids and rangers (both of which are rare classes in the city) might know a few spells they learned secretly.

- Men are allowed to use technology like guns and heat-tasers, drive cars, run a public transit vehicle, and have some limited access to computers (although technically, the law says that they must be supervised by a female chaperone or forewoman at all times—as you can imagine, this law frequently gets broken). However, they are not allowed to manufacture, invent, or know the inner workings of any machine or technology item.

- Men oftentimes have little control over their jobs and personal lives—since they are almost always the stronger gender, a male character might find himself grabbed by some dwarf bitch in the middle of an important campaign point because she needs help moving some boxes, and legally, he can’t say no. Men are sometimes coerced into marriage, traded between businesses who need manual labor, and basically dehumanized.

- Since there are many more females than males, males with a high charisma stat might find themselves regularly having to deal with rabid admirers…

- Generally, life as a dude in Agnusse-Diah is really unfair and pretty lame. You’ll encounter all sorts of discrimination at the DM’s discretion. If the campaign takes you out of the city, though, you might find that your luck has changed.

Perks to Being Male
Since I’m making it really inconvenient to be a boy but still want some male characters in the party, I’ve decided to level out the playing field a bit. Males have to struggle just to get by, and because of this they have a little more life skill and street smarts.
- Men get +2 points to add to their base stats at level 1, and get another addition to base stats every other level instead of every third level.
- Men can choose an additional feat.
- Men get an extra 1d4 of skill points at 1st level.
- +2 to Will and Fort saves! Because they’re just so MANLY.


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