Geography and the 12 Rings

Agnusse-Diah has 12 walls and therefore 12 rings of the city. The rings are the land in between each wall. Each ring of the city is slightly different, and contains slightly different occupants and attractions. The innermost ring is the 1st ring, and the outermost one is the 12th ring.

The First Ring
The first ring is characterized by a large, mountain-like hill, a peak in the very center of the city. At the top of the peak, surrounded by winding staircases and various official political and religious buildings, is the church of the Five Holy Mothers (where all political and religious decision making takes place). The first ring is populated by Agnusse-Diah’s most important citizens. The 5 Holy Mothers are here, as well as the Speaker and various council members and their families, all housed in large and fancy government-sanctioned homes designed specifically for council members. Very few people actually live here, as it’s a bit like the Mall in Washington DC—mostly a political center. Many people come to visit, however, and it’s likely that in school you took a field trip here no matter what ring you were in. The Academy is also in the first ring, so it’s also full of young mages eager to learn and impress.

The Second Ring
The second ring is where the richest and most prominent of Agnusse-Diah’s residents make their homes. It is full of rich gardens, sprawling mansions, lovely parks, a large zoo, an artificial beach, and some of the city’s most important landmarks—statues, fountains, sculptures, and more. The second ring is also a bit of a cultural center. It contains theaters and art museums, as well as some of the best shopping and dining in the city. Think of it as a bit like the Manhattan of Agnusse-Diah. People come from every ring to spend the day here, and everyone dreams of living in the second ring someday.

The Third Ring
This ring functions as a sort of corporate downtown area—a financial and economic district where many of the city’s most successful businesses, corporations and conglomerates make their headquarters. It’s full of gigantic skyscrapers, almost all of them built with magic. Thousands of fairly well-off business workers live on the eastern side of the third ring, most of them in apartments, because of the ease in getting to their jobs on the west side of the ring.

The Fourth Ring
The fourth ring is largely residential, housing a large amount of Agnusse-Diah’s middle class. It’s a pleasant community of mainly humans and elves, with a few halflings and other races scattered here and there. Full of schools, movie theaters, churches, shops, restaurants, etc. The Patron’s Hands is also in the fourth ring. Most people who work in the fourth ring also live here, but the majority of fourth ring residents work in the third or second ring.

The Fifth Ring
A sort of intellectual Mecca, the fifth ring contains labs, research facilities, crafters’ workshops, and offices where the brains of Agnusse-Diah spend their time. Mostly populated by gnomes, people in this ring usually work designing weapons or vehicles for the government, inventing technology for everyday usage, or researching medicine or astronomy. Some of Agnusse-Diah’s most successful and prolific inventors come from the Fifth Ring. Most workers in the Fifth Ring also live there with their families, so that they are never far from their work.

The Sixth Ring
This ring functions as a sort of an entertainment district. It’s where people from all rings and walks of life converge to see shows, gamble at casinos, dance the night away at clubs, or even visit a brothel (which are legal as long as only male sex workers partake in actual prostitution, and women run the business aspect of the brothel). The sixth ring has a ritzy exterior where the elite can see and be seen, but underneath that is a seedy and crime-ridden underbelly. People do live in the sixth ring, often performers or workers there, but there are also many who make their living doing…less scrupulous things.

The Seventh Ring
The seventh ring is a bustling district that acts as a 24/7 marketplace where you can buy anything you could possibly think of. Merchants usually live in apartments above their shops or near where they set up their stalls and kiosks, and range from barely making ends meet to phenomenally wealthy. The place is full of people from every walk of life who come to make their purchases. Because of a very corrupt police force, the seventh ring is absolutely crawling with thieves and con artists, and it also boasts a pretty extensive array of black market dealers selling drugs, information and other illegal goods and services. If you need anything from a new hat to a hired assassin, this is where to look.

The Eighth Ring
The artsy ring. It’s not exactly wealthy, but it’s diverse and full of cool boutiques, delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurants, coffee shops where people read their poetry at open mic nights, themed dive bars, underground (not literally) music venues, and all the craft beer you can drink. While many of the residents of the eighth ring are just pretentious twentysomethings looking to piss off their parents, some of them are legitimate thinkers who are starting to question Agnusse-Diah’s laws and government.

The Ninth Ring
The ninth ring is a factory/warehouse district. It’s fairly large, and houses a significant portion of the city’s population. Those who live there are working-class types who can’t afford anything better or want to be close to the factories they work in.

The Tenth Ring
This is the ring that Agnusse-Diah would like to pretend doesn’t exist. It’s full of crime-ridden neighborhoods and a corrupt police force that does almost no good for the ring. The tenth ring houses a depressingly large number of Agnusse-Diah citizens—3 million of them to be exact. Exceedingly poor and almost anarchic, you don’t want to be caught in the tenth ring after dark.

The Eleventh Ring
The eleventh ring is the largest ring, but also the most sparsely populated. About 60 miles wide, it is entirely made up of farms and mines. The few residents of the eleventh ring are working-class farmers and miners.

The Twelfth Ring
Strictly off-limits. Too close to the outside world to be safe for citizens of Agnusse-Diah.

Geography and the 12 Rings

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