History of Agnusse Diah

“Now gather round children, and I’ll tell you your story for the night,” the old human nursemaid said as she settled into her chair. Immediately, all eighteen smiling children of the Northwest House of the Patron’s Hands surrounded her, excited for their nightly tale.

“Tonight, Mama Lucy’s gonna tell you all about….hmm. I know! How Agnusse-Diah came to be. This is the way my mother always told it to me.

“Agnusse-Diah was around a long, long time ago, back before even I was born, back before the end of the world even! But it weren’t nothing like it is today. Y’see, back then in the Before, there were only one wall around the city, and anyone could go in or out as they pleased. Agnesse-Diah was part of a nation back in those days, a place called Kurugai. An’ it were all run by menfolk too! Imagine that! Almost all the government were men, and none of ‘em liked to use magic. All them men wanted to do was try new technologies. And everyone had plum forgot about the Patron! They say that’s why the world went to an end, y’know. Our great goddess, she’s a saintly one, but a vengeful one too at that.

“Now, us women saw the benefits of technology, but we knew magic were the safest and the smartest way to run Agnusse-Diah. But did those menfolk ever listen to us? …No! O’course they didn’t. An’ that’s why they got in a big ol’ fight with another nation called Fandra. Fandra always wanted some o’ Kurugai’s land for settlin’ on, but Kurugai weren’t havin’ none of that.

“Well, long story short, a war broke out. The few ladies in the government tried to stop it, but t’weren’t nothin’ to be done. See, there be no stoppin’ a man when he gets an evil idea in his brain, we learned our lesson there. Many brave soldiers got sent out from Agnusse-Diah to their deaths, jus’ over a patch of land. Finally, the government decided there were only one way to stop this war once an’ for all. Kurugai had a weapon that were the pinnacle o’ technology—they called it a hydrogen bomb—that could wipe out all o’ Fandra for good. T’weren’t everyone wanted to use it—lots of strong ladies in the nation jus’ wanted peace—but in the end the government men had their say. The vengeful spirit of the Patron had seen them forget bout her an’ gotten in their brains, cuz she wanted revenge. They bombed Fandra good—but little did they know Fandra had allies, and that Kurugai weren’t the only ones with those fancy hydrogen bombs.

“The end o’ the world got most everybody burned off the map—all ‘cept our city, that is. Y’see, the Patron-blessed woman in charge of the city planning decided the threat of attack was too much, an’ she built up another twenty walls ‘round us to keep us safe! When the bombs went off, we lost eight outer walls—but everyone inside were safe an’ sound.

“When we realized everybody else was clean gone, a very brave woman decided she’d done had enough o’ men an’ their destructive ways. She led a revolution that put the ladies in charge for once, and relied on magic for the governin’ with technology playin’ second fiddle. An’ o’ course, with us females in charge it weren’t long ‘fore the Patron took mercy on us an’ instated the Five Holy Mothers to guide our city well. The brave woman who led the revolt became our very first Speaker—she’d go an’ talk for the Five Holy Mothers, tell us what the Patron wanted us to do.

“An’ that’s how Agnusse-Diah came to be the utopia that it is today, children! Ain’t no one on the map but us now; jus’ monsters made by the bomb’s poison out there beyond those walls. It’s up to us to keep life movin’ jus’ like the Patron intended it—with the ladies in charge, and magic and obedience our keys to survival.

“Now it’s time for bed!” Lucy finished, and sent the children upstairs and on their way to dreamland. She knew Christopher especially would have a lot to think about—as the only boy, it was good that he was finally aware of his sex’s evil ways. Perhaps he wouldn’t turn out like they did in the old days after all. But then again, maybe he would…you could never tell with those menfolk.

History of Agnusse Diah

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