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Wiki: The World of Agnusse-Diah
Note: These pages are definitely subject to change as the story develops (because let’s be real, I haven’t quite figured out everything that’s going to happen yet), so if something doesn’t seem fully developed don’t worry—it probably will be at some point!

Basics of Playing In This Campaign Setting
What to Expect
Hints and Tips
Basics of Agnusse-Diah

The City of Agnusse-Diah
History of Agnusse Diah
Agnussian Society
Agnussian Politics
Religion in Agnusse-Diah
Technology in Agnusse-Diah
Places of Interest
Geography and the 12 Rings
People of Interest

People of Agnusse-Diah
Sample Characters (for reference

Monsters of Angusse-Diah
The Tinkerer Class

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