Agnusse-Diah is pretty good about racial relations. Some races are naturally on the top of the power structure, and some are typically poorer, but in general the more humanoid races get along pretty well. There are occasional fights between races, but they’re always quelled quickly.
Most of Agnusse-Diah’s women are elves or humans.

If you want to be anything other than these races you need to ask me first—I have plans involving certain races that don’t work if you’re of that race. Also, please don’t try to be anything that has more than a +1 level adjustment. It makes the campaign unfair and uneven.

Agnusse-Diah is just over 30% humans, so they make up the most populous race in the city. They’re also the ones who are most in control. If you’re a human you’ll probably encounter the most open doors in the campaign, simply because you’re on top.

Elves are also pretty prominent in Agnusse-Diah, mostly because they have such a propensity for magic. They hold the a pretty big chunk of power in the government, and are generally a very privileged race. Almost all elves in Agnusse-Diah are magic users. If your character is an elf and doesn’t use magic, prepare to be teased about it a LOT. There are plenty of other races willing to take out their anger about their oppression on you.

Few and far between. Treated a bit like biracial people are treated in our world—not quite one thing, not quite another. It’s relatively uncommon here for anyone to reproduce outside their race, so half-elves are a little bit of a spectacle. Society just isn’t quite sure what to do with them. If you’re lucky enough to be able to pass for an elf or a human, things might be a bit easier for you though.

Dwarves have taken well to providing Agnusse-Diah with the raw materials it needs to function, and make up a solid portion of Agnusse-Diah’s working class. There are very few of them in politics, but they’re quite happy where they are. Outside the eighth wall is a mine where lots of them live; others live closer to the middle of the city, working at electric plants and the like.

Gnomes have taken extremely quickly to technology, and are the most well-off of the non-magic users in Agnusse-Diah. They’re also seen as the most intelligent non-magic using race (for the most part) in the city. They like to invent stuff, and many invent and build weapons and machines for the police force of Agnusse-Diah. It would be easy for a gnome to be either 100% good or chaotic evil in this town—just depends on if she meets the right people.

Both orcs and half orcs are pretty uncommon, and tend to be on the lowest rungs of society. Almost all of them live in the slums outside the tenth wall, and have held fast to their barbaric ways, refusing higher education or technology. The Orcs who are intelligent enough to learn how to wield a gun are the ones who generally have the most power, and oftentimes run gangs or get a job as low-ranking police officers.

Halflings have secured their place as the maidservants and butlers to the wealthier races and families in Agnusse-Diah. If you’re a halfling, chances are you’ll have access to evesdrop on conversations held by people of power, and you might be privy to more information than you would seem. Halfling spellcasters are rare, but tend to be some of the most powerful magic users who aren’t humans or elves. Their families will almost always try and scrape together enough money to send female spellcasting halflings to the Academy of Highest.

Sharakim are a really cool race, but have a lot of trouble in this society. Since Agnesse-Diah is so religious and Sharakim were created from sin, people tend to marginalize and isolate them. They live mostly outside the ninth wall, one of the worst parts of the city. However, they’re extremely friendly, and the most devoted of any race to the Patron. In fact, several very charismatic Sharakim have become low-ranking Priestesses. They’re one of the few races in A-D that socially treats their men as equals, mostly because they’re so prosecuted that they need to stick together. They’re eager to keep the city running as well, and always follow the laws. Seriously though someone totally needs to play a Sharakim, they’re fucking badass.

Raptoran have a proud history of being the guards and sentries of Agnusse-Diah. They’re good with weapons and technology, and spend most of their time on the walls of the city, guarding it. Raptoran are somewhat distant from the other races of the city, but still obey the city’s rules and try to protect it from outside forces. They’re the race that probably knows the most about the outside world—however, they don’t say much about it when asked. Raptoran like their city, and don’t involve themselves too heavily in politics unless it benefits their race.

There aren’t many doppelgangers in Agnusse-Diah. If you choose this race you’re not likely to even know any other doppelgangers other than your immediate family, and it’s also unlikely that you let anyone else know you’re one. Doppelgangers tend to slip through society with a decided neutrality, preferring to simply observe the world while in disguise rather than take an active role in it. That’s because doppelgangers have had a history of persecution in their natural forms, and are a little wary of other races. They’re typically loners, with few friends or relatives. What they do—be it magic or inventing or kung fu—they do in secret. In this society, they make extremely good rogues, or rangers if in a worse neighborhood.

Very rare in A-D, catfolk are lucky enough to be extremely talented spellcasters as well as rogues. There’s a very few doing well on the top of society, and a very few doing well on the bottom. Catfolk are a little feared and very well respected no matter where they’re found.

Goliaths also are extremely rare in Agnusse-Diah—there are maybe ten thousand of them in a city of 18 million. They tend to stick together, almost all of them living in the same large neighborhood of the seventh ring. They’re not an exceptionally rich race or an exceptionally poor race, but they have found their niche and are fairly well-respected in Agnusse-Diah. Every five years since the creation of the twelve rings, Goliaths have hosted the Ring Games, where residents of each ring send forward their most talented athletes to compete in a series of games and sports. Goliaths are natural athletes, and many have gained a great amount of fame for their skills at different sports.

Dragons haven’t been seen in Orah for many thousands of years, but Spellscales have managed to keep their race alive by breeding almost exclusively amongst themselves. They are a well-off race that consists mostly of merchants and the occasional politician. They love clothing, art, and music and tend to stick their noses up at the lower classes.

I’m totally down with you picking a race I didn’t mention, but come talk to me about it first.


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