What to Expect

This campaign is not going to be like other campaigns you’ve played. I mean, certain things will remain similar—there will be random encounters, traps, treasure and more—but there will also be a lot to discover about the world around you. I am hoping to immerse you all in a well-developed and detailed world every time you play.

There will be quite a bit of talking, but I promise it won’t be boring or ridiculously complicated. And don’t worry, they will be plenty of fighting too.

Make sure you’re paying attention. There will be lots of characters to keep track of, and lots of secrets to piece together as well. Be patient, and take note of everything, and I think you’ll really like how the story comes together by the end.

I won’t kill off characters in random encounters or anything silly like that, but if you make a bad roll and there’s an opportunity for a dramatic, fitting death, don’t be surprised if your character dies. Make sure you have someone in mind as a backup.

Also, expect me to change and develop the plot based on what your characters do and who they are. You guys pretty much have free will, and that means that the plot will unfold depending largely on your decisions. However, keep in mind that everything you do has a consequence. It’s fine to make jokes here and there, but if all you do is dick around your character is going to suffer for it.

Good role-playing is the best way to make a campaign fun, so the more effort you put into your character’s personality, the more likely I am to let them do things they normally wouldn’t be able to. For example, if your character can justify peeing on the person you just cast Hold Person on because it’s something they’d think was funny, I’ll probably let them do it. But if you’re a serious and uptight paladin chances are that’s the opposite of what you’d want to do, so I probably won’t let you do it.

What to Expect

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