Races of Ora and Their Relations

Most of Ora’s races will be monstrous ones, because of the mutation caused by the apocalypse. However, they are still civilized and run the world intelligently—the days of barbarian hordes pillaging every village they come across and rich humans declaring themselves monarchs and everyone else their servants are long past. Society has rebuilt, it’s just different than it used to be.

Intelligent Species (I will go into more detail about these when I have figured out more about Ora’s geography and society):

ARCHON (MM1 p16)
Archons are lawful good entities who were, before the apocalypse, a community of monks and clerics living high in the mountains, devoting themselves to inner peace and love. They mutated into Lantern, Hound and Trumpet Archons because of the nuclear fallout, and have since spread across Ora and have made names for themselves both as protectors and political advisors, desiring to spread goodness and peace wherever they go.

ATHACH (MM1 p21)

AZER (MM1 p22)
Once dwarves who worked near a dormant volcano that exploded when the first bombs were dropped, Azer are a tough and resilient race who live in a small society within the volcano they used to work near. Some of them venture out into the world, but it’s fairly uncommon. They have decided to embrace the ways of the dwarves of the past, forsaking technology for traditional weaponry and tools.


Races of Ora and Their Relations

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